Skill companies look at while selecting

This article intend to make you understand what actually a HR interview is, rather what HR knowledge/skill you should have to be successful in a company or best suitable candidate.

Hiring company potential candidate is very challenging job for both the HR as well as the technical lead. Likewise many candidates are unaware what actually a HR interview is? What HR asks? Why HR ask some out of study questions, How to get noticed by HR? etc. as so on.

HR skills are combination of cognitive, social, and agile skills. To stand out this competitive environment anybody posse all the above skill will always win, and be prosperous in life.

The skills that recruiters generally look for, while interviewing a potential job candidates:

1. Problem Solving and Decision Making

We have quoted in previous Blog about Bhanumurthy (President & COO), said while we have preferences for certain(programming) languages, we don’t mind what language people choose to specialise in, but they have to identify and solve problem”.

Times Of India

A study indicates that the ROI has increased by 7 percent after organizations have worked on minimizing the effect of bias in their decision-making process.

McKinsey study 

Companies expect their employees to be data-backed and smart enough in decision making in their roles and be able to find and resolve any challenges in project execution.

Companies see that employees should be able to analyse the causes to a problem, and provide alternative, and implement effective solutions. They should also be able to track performance and contribute effective corrective measures.

2. Integrity

Employers look for team players who believe in adhering to the standards and procedures as laid down. you should acknowledge the importance of confidentiality, and maintain ethical business practices, and possess appropriate behaviour. The person should have good strengths and minimum weaknesses. Companies wish to invest in employees who are willing to be a team player.

3. Networking and Communication Skills

Interviewer generally ask open-ended questions to understand how efficiently and effectively you express your thoughts and ideas to others at the workplace. You can get noticed by prospective employers by impeccable networking and communication skills. If you are able to communicate new ideas in a clear and confidence manner and give alternative to legacy procedures then you can set apart from your peers. 

A report by Millennial Branding, a research and consulting firm, indicates that 84 percent of the employers are of the opinion that effective communication skills are essential for their job candidates.


4. Creativity

Creativity is one of the highly valued skills sought in today’s job market above all mentioned skills. If you are able to apply your skills in various circumstances and can solve unexpected and difficult problems with confidence and ease then companies prefer to hire you.

5. Willingness to Learn New Skills 

Your job is secure only when you are up-to-date on the most recent skills. Employers require skilled employees. if you can work on latest tools and automation technologies then you add creative value to their organisation. 

If you feel that your current skill sets are not relevant or will be outdated in the next few years then you must invest in workshop on technical education. Setting a correct career path and proceed in earning skills for the role is how you can be opportune your job prospect.

Sourav Govil (HR Head,Wipro) told the Financial Express “If you don’t re-skill yourself, you are gone. What got you here will not take you forward”. 

Financial Express

6. Agility at Work

Today companies expect their employees to react quickly to dynamic changing business scenarios. This is where your agility to the organisational work comes. To define in brief, agile candidates bring together the people, the processes, and the systems to manifest the organisation’s mission and strategies, and agility will allow team members to build into everyday practices an ability to respond to changing circumstances and take advantage of emerging opportunities. Today market is mix of many categories of people based on their creed, is it possible to adapt to different people and circumstances as and when they come?

 It is imperative to make adjustments quickly when things are not working as planned. One of the most important about successful leaders is that they tend timely in making decisions, and solving problems and weeding out roadblocks.

Haneberg, Lisa

A systems-based capacity, not a singular trait. It takes more than will, or an open mind, to be flexible”. As said by Lisa Haneberg, an organisational development, leadership, and management author describes Agility at work

Agility at work.

7. Efficiency

As technical skills are required for any job role, companies also look for strong interpersonal skills and leadership abilities in their potential employees.

It’s important to care about your job and complete all projects while maintaining a positive attitude.

Penny Loretto.

While as an internships expert, professionals must learn the most efficient way to complete tasks and find ways to optimise time while completing daily assignments.

Penny Loretto.

We look for candidates with a solid foundation of soft skills and trust so that the rest can be built upon it.

Emőke Starr, (HR Head,Prezi)


In today’s business world, it is essential that professionals should be able to communicate effectively with peers, customers, suppliers/partners, and other stakeholders. Agility, collaborative skills, and creativity will uplift you ahead of the competition.
Stay current in your domain, acquire the latest skills and prepare to advance your career. Doing more than what is expected on the job, is a good way to show the management that you have good time management skills and don’t waste valuable company time attending to personal issues not related to the job. 

Authors: Plentynum’s Content Team. This article is only the basics, and we will cover more the same in near future. We have only expressed our views on the topic which we have experienced with the companies and the students. We do not contradict any other sentiments or view. Your valuable comments in the Comment box are welcome.

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