How to Introduce Yourself in Few Seconds

Introduce yourself

Tell me about yourself

And so on so-forth…

Theses are the questions a freshers faces while in campus rounds.

Generally a candidates starts with name, stream, brothers sisters etc.. then end up what to say more?

Do you know within a few seconds only what you tell the interviewer attention catches and he thinks for further question to put in front of you.

Now your few-second introduction is

what you say when you shake someone’s hand,

call someone on the phone,

or stand up in front of a group.

It actually describes who you are,

what you do,

and what you are looking for in a clear and memorable way.

One effective format is benefits-oriented introduction, where you state a key benefit that you offer your interviewer before giving your occupation or job title.

Here are some examples to see

“I’m Naresh Singh. I help high-tech companies close sales with customers who need complex technical solutions. I’m a technical sales rep looking for a new position in the Mumbai area.”

“My name is Leena  Shetty. I develop leadership skills in management teams. I’m a corporate training director exploring career opportunities in the financial services industry.”

The advantage of this format is that it creates a position or yours in the mind of the listener/interviewer before they have their own opinions about what you are, or what you do.

If you introduce yourself as a Database Developer, for example, your listener has no way to know what a Database Developer does or what kind of projects you can manage. An introduction that begins, “I manage new software installations for corporate clients,”is specific enough to be understood and remembered.

Notice that all these introductions use a plain language rather than industry jargon. Unless you know exactly who are your listeners, use the terms a twelve-year-old would understand.

But again a question comes that you do not have any working experience, then what you should tell as your designation.

Best ways is to bring your project what you have done in your semester. By this you are attracting the Interviewer about your knowledge you have collected while in studies. You may follow the example as:

“I am Shyam Kumar, I have completed/completing the course of Computer Science Engineering from Xyz college/university, and looking for a database developer job in your esteem organization.

I have done a project with Hands on workshop on Database development using Oracle Database. We have developed an online application for Provision Store management. All our development has been done in CLI mode and all GUI or the front end using Java have been developed by some other group. We have used Triggers, procedures, functions to handle the Store data and finally arranging all of the in a complete package. I am very keen on database developer job and want to make my career on the same. It would be my pleasure if you see my project in brief.

And then you can place the complete project in printed format in front of the interviewer.

Can you see it’s only few seconds and you have let the questions which you want you interviewer to ask you.  Keep your introduction concise, up to the point and less industry jargons.

So I draw your attention on some of the few points you should adhere with your introduction.

  • You’re Name, Qualification, and relations are all written in your resume which you have provided at the beginning, so it’s not that important.
  • Always try a have a comfortable eye contact with the interviewer, never look upwards, downwards or sideways, it will not let you understand interviewer emotions.
  • Always try to understand Interviewer emotions, so that your answers may be adjusted/modified based on the interviewer. May be the interviewer get irritated.

Another aspect attract the attentions of your body language and your attitude, because always remember in your studies your aptitude counts and in your job your attitude counts. We have a blog “HR Skill companies look at while selecting”, tells you about all the HR capabilities/skills you should have while selection, but in front of technical interviewer/ HR interviewer your attitude is highly observed. As per our understanding and experience keeping a low/medium attitude level make selection faster. Job requirement attitude if enhanced/displayed make the selection positive. Your body language about any discomfort also gives negative results, because generally an interview round are a day long activity, and you fooding and other schedules get hampered, and discomfort about such if displayed attracts the interviewer, which is tracked.

In this article we have tried to express all our experiences with the companies and students we have, any other views/experiences if left over can be mentioned in the comment box, We will be interested for your comments on the comment box. We will be coming up with more such topics which help the candidates in the job selection process. We have mentioned many blog categories where we are trying such activities. If anybody interested for any other topics please let us know in the comment box.

Conclusion: Stay current in your domain, acquire the latest skills and prepare to advance your career.

Authors: Plentynum’s Content Development Team. This article is only the basics, and we will cover more the same in near future. We have only expressed our views on the topic which we have experienced with the companies and the students. We do not contradict any other sentiments or view. Your valuable comments in the Comment box are welcome.

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