Database Health Checks & Supports

  • You may have noticed as your company grows, your Database Server becomes slower and slower and your storage is becomes extremely slow.
  • You have a High Availability solution for your Database Server, but you are not sure whether it will provides the necessary up-time?
  • You have virtualized your most important Server, but according to your SAN admin, everything is fine? But it’s slow.

Theses questions in your mind or if raised by the administrator along with the users, you’re your Database Health check is on high probability.

With our DBA Health Check services we can manage your complete environment, at affordable priced contract. Our prompt monitoring enables us to resolve maximum Database issues before your notice. With immediate response times and a dedicated named staff, you get to know us and trust our services.  We also observe and make sure that it meets your Service Level Agreements.

What we do.

For every symptom, there is root cause of problems! The problems could be performance-related or may be in your hardware. We resolve your problems, after consulting with your team (Database Server team, OS team, Storage team) and analyse and review your Server installation for possible problems.  We also observe in detailed at your High Availability strategy.

After running a Health Check for 1 to 5 days based on your expectations and problem reported a detailed analysis report which describes the findings and solutions for the same is tabled. After proper review and suggestions from your side, we implement the solutions. We provide preventive maintenance of your Database Server installation.

During the Server Health Check we can check the following areas:

  • Hardware (Storage, CPU, Memory) Configuration
  • Virtualisation Layer
  • Operating System Settings
  • DB Server Instance Configuration Settings
  • Database Configuration Settings
  • Index Optimisation
  • Locking & Blocking Optimisation
  • TempDb Configuration
  • Database Maintenance
  • Backup Strategy
  • Disaster Recovery Plans
  • High Availability Strategy

We provide a wide range of service under Database Health Check as follows:

  • Finding the worst performing queries and analysing their execution plans for detailed query optimization
  • Troubleshooting of very high CPU consumption, and getting it back to an acceptable level
  • Eliminating Dead Locks and improving the Locking & Blocking aspects of the workload
  • Backup & Recovery Process to strengthen your data protection.
  • Configuring Real Application cluster and tuning always On without downtime.
  • Designing VLDBs (Very large databases, 10 TB+) for SQL Server
  • Migration of Database Mirroring and Server Fail-over Clustering always On without downtime
  • Improving the throughput of credit card transaction processing through the use of SQL Service Broker
  • Finding Temp-db related problems, and resolving them by rewriting queries

We provide support on Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL Databases and Unix & Windows Operating System. Please contact us for further details if you want to have a preventive maintenance or Database Health Check of your Server installation. For details mail us

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