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If you are planning to Design, Deploy, and Optimise Database, Operating System and storage Server then theses Workshop will help you to understand the technologies and procedures in much faster way. You can also proceed for the certifications of the said courses after successfully completing the workshop from us. Many of students and working professions have already benefited for the below mentioned courses which you can find what they said in our testimonials sections.

Database Administration Courses

These courses make you learn How to configure and manage the database in a multiple core Server resources (e.g. CPU, Memory, Storage, Network)

Database Administration & Management

Training in Database administration and database management on Oracle, Sql Server, Mysql.

Oracle RMAN Backup & Recovery Training

Hands-on RMAN course.

Network Administration

Training in Oracle server

New Features Training Course

Course in all new features on Oracle, Sql Server, Mysql.

Upgrading to Higher Versions Training

Upgrading to Higher versions from lower version on Oracle, Sql Server, Mysql..

Oracle Disk I/O Tuning

Training in Disk I/O optimisation techniques.

Oracle DBA Advanced Internals

Training in Oracle Internals and optimisation techniques.

Database Performance Tuning Courses

Theses courses will make you learn How to Improving Server performance by changing the right configuration option

Performance Tuning

Training in performance tuning with tips and techniques for success on Oracle, Sql Server, Mysql.

Database High-Availability Courses

Theses courses will make you learn How to run Server in a highly available configuration on multiple geological locations. Theses are said as backup servers or disaster Recovery (DR sites).

Oracle Real Application Cluster DBA Training

Oracle RAC training course.

Operating System Courses

Theses courses will make you learn How to configure, deploy run Operating System with available Server configuration.

Linux Oracle Administration Training Course

Training in all aspects of Linux for Oracle Database.

Solaris 10 Unix Administration Course

Training in all aspects of Solaris 10 Administration.

Software Development Courses

These courses are for developers to develop & enhance their skills need to succeed in developing any ERP or Business Application on Oracle systems.

Getting started with Oracle SQL

Learn SQL, SQL*Plus and SQL functions.

PL/SQL Performance Tuning Training Course

A query tuning or query optimising PL/SQL codes course

Oracle New Features for Application Developers

A course in all new application programmer and developer features.

Oracle PL/SQL Programming & Tuning

Hands-on Training in PL/SQL programming and PL/SQL tuning.

Java & Oracle Fundamentals

Oracle Java J2EE class.

Oracle JDeveloper Java J2EE Training

Oracle Advance J2ee Class.

Oracle Application Server (Oracle9iAS, Oracle10gAS) Training

A Oracle Application Server course

Oracle Developer Reports

Developer Reports training Course.

Oracle Developer Forms Troubleshooting & Debugging

An intensive hands-on Oracle Developer Forms training Course.

Systems Analysis & Design for Oracle

Training in applying systems analysis to Oracle databases.

Certificated Professional Training

Plentynum provides expert tips by senior trainers & instructors to pass your OCP exam.  Plentynum offers all classes with hands-on exercises and sample questions to ensure your success in Oracle Certification.

Oracle Certified Master (OCM) Preparation Class

Oracle Certified Master OCM course.

Oracle OCP DBA New Features Upgrade Exam Preparation

Oracle OCP DBA exam preparation course.

Oracle OCA/OCP SQL Exam Preparation

Oracle OCA/OCP DBA exam preparation course

Oracle OCA/OCP DBA Fundamentals Exam Preparation

Oracle OCA/OCP DBA exam preparation course.

Oracle OCP Performance Tuning Exam Preparation

Oracle OCP DBA exam preparation course.

Oracle OCP Backup & Recovery Exam Preparation

Oracle OCP DBA exam preparation course.

Storage Server Courses

This courses make you learn How to configure and deploy the storage server for operating system or the Database servers

San/NAS Storage

NetApp Storage and Application

Veritas Storage

Citrix Storage

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