What are the Technical aspects of BI?

There are many Free Open Source or Subscribed BI Tools available in the market. But it is very typical to understand the technicalities & Infrastructure requirements. So,

What is technical in BI?

Business Intelligence is the term used for Data warehousing or data mining to know about Sales, business conditions, consumer demands, and product choices. Enterprise has to use some ETL (Extract Transform Load) tool which is said as data warehousing software. It can be, in own installed Server or can be SAS (software as services). So, the simplistic explanation of the BI tool is that the software which analyses data to know the strength and weakness of a business organization to make better decisions. Type of tools that make BI software applications solution includes spreadsheet, interactive dashboard, data mining tools, reporting tools, search(query) tool, analytics processing(OLAP)tool, Content Viewer, & ERP systems.

What are the important stages of BI?

The stages by which raw data is processed through for complete the BI processes are:

  • Raw Data
  • The ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) Engine.
  • Data Warehousing/Data Mining
  • Analytic engine
  • Presentation layer

What is the BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE Software Application Solution preview?

Organizations traditionally retrieve information from different sources of different quality and utilize incompatible codes that require adaptation. Coordinating, Cleansing, and systematizing data in preparation for BI which is demanding and need Extract-transform load (ETL) tools to arrange the data properly.

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Most of the dashboard ideas within the BI software are “drag and Drop”. If advanced functions are needed- syntax of the combination of SQL and Microsoft-EXCEL like functions. When data is ready and model is designed, the customer can create dashboard applications using charts, Graphs, multidimensional data analysis, and reports.

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By assessing different Business intelligence software titles fir use a regular demand was a high barrier to entry. Popular BI software like ORACLE BI or IBM Cognos needs outstanding server framework which was not budget -friendly regardless of low cost or cheap academic agreements. For example Oracle BI stack needs a different database, middleware, and application servers, with essential software like Java, operating system patches to run safely, which needs powerful planning investment and time to execute.

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Instead of buying or implementing BI a Saas BI software services can be bought, which is said software as a service. The BI software can be used from a remote location via a secured internet connection. Some examples of Saas solutions are Salesforce.com, NetSuite and Right now. Saas is best suitable for users of small and medium organizations.

What are ADD-ON BI Software?

Some Add-on which also gives the power of Data manipulation to Smart professional are:

Google Analytics spreadsheet add-on (Download Link)

The Google Analytics spreadsheet add-on is used to access your Google Analytics data in Google Spreadsheets. You can also use the Google Analytics API combined with the data manipulation in Google Spreadsheets.

With this tool, you can:

  • Query data from multiple views (profiles).
  • Create custom calculations from your report data.
  • Create dashboards with embedded data visualizations.
  • Schedule reports running automatically so your data is always current.
  • By leveraging Google Spreadsheet’s sharing and privacy features, you can easily control who can see these data and visualizations.

Free Web Pivot Table Tool  (Download Link)

Pivot table control is a free tool for analyzing data on your website. It’s easy to integrate, then write a few lines of codes with off-the-shelf reporting. It can analyze data instantly with Read-to-use modern User Interface. This tool has a spreadsheet-like interface optimized for both browser and apps.

What is Business Intelligence Applications Installation Hardware Requirements?

Information regarding the hardware requirements for BI Applications are:

Hard Disk: BI Server requires a minimum of 1 GB of available hard-disk space. Some server may also require 35 GB free disk space and 10 GB Swap Space to run the Business Analytics Applications Suite. Addition space may be required on the database server that is hosting the report server database.  In some servers, disk space will be released after the installer finishes.

Memory: Minimum: 1 GB, Recommended at least 4-8 GB, some BI may require 10-12 GB of free memory and 10 GB Swap Space for run-time requirements.

Processor type:  x64 Processor: also AMD Opteron, AMD Athlon 64, Intel Xeon with Intel EM64T support, Intel Pentium IV with EM64T support BI applications.

Processor speed: x64 Processor: with a
Minimum 1.4 GHz, Recommended 2.0 GHz or faster.

These are some of the minimum hardware requirement, these requirements vary from vendor-to-vendor. Also, refer to the vendor site for complete installation page.


If you require or interested in using business intelligence in miniature form then download any of the above Add-on software. Try them out by linking with your existing ERP then start using it independently as a standalone version. If you get stuck somewhere try to consult an expert for the same, who would help you for installation and also able to maintain your required reports by developing some small linking programs.


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