FAQ for Cloud Computing Job for Freshers

Job Tips & TricksFAQ for Cloud Computing Job for Freshers

First question which a fresher or a student ask What is Cloud computing? The simple answer is using shared computer resources over the Internet is called cloud computing. Next question comes What are the computer Resources used in the Cloud? These include multiple core servers, storage servers, storage devices, storage applications, and different software applications,

What are the Technical aspects of BI?

Software Tips & TricksWhat are the Technical aspects of BI?

There are many Free Open Source or Subscribed BI Tools available in the market. But it is very typical to understand the technicalities & Infrastructure requirements. So, What is technical in BI? Business Intelligence is the term used for Data warehousing or data mining to know about Sales, business conditions, consumer demands, and product choices.

Skill companies look at while selecting

Job Tips & TricksHR Skill requirement while selection

This article intend to make you understand what actually a HR interview is, rather what HR knowledge/skill you should have to be successful in a company or best suitable candidate. Hiring company potential candidate is very challenging job for both the HR as well as the technical lead. Likewise many candidates are unaware what actually